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Practical matters
(such as dealing with the non-Pagan world, raising Pagan children,
the mechanics of running a Pagan group, and other related topics)
Gardnerian Wicca - NEW! An introduction to one of the oldest forms of modern neopaganism.

Trollspotting - a book-length essay on Coven mechanics and how to recognize and handle destructive people. Still being formatted for the internet. Come back for occasional updates. Chapters 11-14 added 10/15/2004 ce. Still to come: trolls in cyberspace.

Scholarly Essays
(with lots more to come)
Collars and Scholars - An overview of what's wrong with modern scholarly research on the history of Witchcraft. A nine-part series, exerpted from Hostile Witnesses.

Do You Believe in Magic? - An introduction to a little-known but highly influential eleventh-century Church manual, which describes some Pagan practices present in Europe at that time.(Coming soon - "Correcting the Pagans", an analysis and partial translation of the Corrector Burchardi.)

An Introduction to the Canon Episcopi and To Fly by Night and Scholars, Augustine, and the Canon Sect - An overview and a two-part in-depth analysis of a vital document, first appearing in 906 CE, which has defined and shaped both scholarly and Christian attitudes toward Witchcraft ever since. Also read the interpretations of other scholars and possible influences from St. Augustine. A major series of papers.

What Caused the Witchhunt? - A theory on what it was about Witches that so frightened the Christian authorities.

Paganism and Witchcraft in Diana's Hunt - An Italian poet from the fourteenth century writes about Diana - and provides hints about the Craft.

Erasing History: How Witchcraft Vanished - A fair-sized (20,000-word) summary of my three-volume series Hostile Witnesses (the first volume is currently available). Dip your toes in, and get a feel for the whole case.

(even Traditionalists don't have to be dry all the time)
The Books of Raoul - Yes, it's pedantic and obscure, but humor should engage the mind as well, and people who get the jokes claim it's funny.

Several years ago, I got into an online argument with a Famous Big Name Pagan Author (FBNPA). I won't embarrass him by giving his name. He and I disagreed profoundly on many topics, chief among which was the history of the religion of Wicca, otherwise known as Witchcraft. He was (and, I think, still is) convinced that Gerald Gardner and a few of his friends made up the whole thing in the 1950's.

It was plain to me then that this theory was pretty ridiculous, and wholly without merit. Better research needed to be done.

This FBNPA challenged me to write my own book about the history of the Craft. By then, I'd already written a few dozen articles on the subject. Since then, I've written a few dozen more, plus a privately published book. Since profit is not my motive, the Internet seems to me to be a better medium to disseminate this information than is physical paper.

Hence, this website.

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